14 Reasons Why Christians Rock the World

1. We refuse to place ourselves at the center of Creation and worship ourselves

2. We refuse to bow down to rocks, trees and Mother Nature; thereby worshiping the creation rather than the Creator

3. We reckon God as perfect:

               perfect in love: and so we are taught to love

               perfect in justice: and so we are commanded to obey

               perfect in His Word: and so we are enlightened by the Truth of  the Bible

4. Christians show respect for all men, created in God’s image, by seeking their eternal salvation

5. Christians reject the human faith in progress and humanism: the twin deceptions of Satan

6. Christians do not need a social gospel; the Gospel teaches and the Holy Spirit leads us to produce all good fruits that serve God and men

7. Christians practice mercy

8. Christians protect life

9. Christians ended and today fight slavery

10. Christians founded and run hospitals, schools, food banks, orphanages, receovery centers, homeless shelters, etc.

11. Christians are at the scene of every natural disaster: floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes

12. Christians support Israel spiritually and materially and politically

13. Christians do not put their trust in men to make this a better world

14. Christians live in a far greater hope: the promise that Jesus Christ is coming to judge the world and institute His kingdom

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  1. Amen and amen!

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